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We are investigating different explorers and trying to find out:


WHO they were?

WHEN & WHERE they traveled?

WHY they traveled?

HOW they traveled?

WHAT challenges did they face?



4 Explorers for us to research


Mary Kingsley


Robert Peary


Marco Polo


James Cook


 plus Hiram Bingham



Other explorers we researched


For online research, try Zoom Explorers  -- at the Enchanted Learning website. 



Ibn Battuta -- a separate page with different links to webpages about Ibn Battuta


Cheng Ho (Zheng He) -- a separate page with different links to webpages about Cheng Ho



For information about other explorers, try searching these websites:


Encyclopaedia Britannica for Primary Students   (only available when on school computers)


Timeline of Europeans' Exploration of America  -- with links to biographies of the explorers


Australian Explorers















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